Saturday, April 23, 2011

Write Your Own Funeral!

Most of us have thought about our own death, perhaps how we would the funeral to go. But how many of us have taken the time, thought, and prayer to write out the order of service for our own funeral? Imagine the stress on your family during the hours after your death - who would want to put an additional burden on them? 

Even church pastors need assistance - because deaths are mostly unplanned and the family of the deceased is left with telling the pastor what should happen. He can take some of the load, but likely does not know the person well enough nor have the time to do it all himself.

So you should write up your own funeral. What hymns, what Scripture, what prayers? Let me know what you think. I may post my funeral outline later. Let all things be done for the glory of God in Christ - the only Redeemer and possible salvation for anyone.


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  2. Manfred,

    I saw your comment on Dan's post from yesterday and thought it'd be better to respond here. I actually live in Tomball, although we're all the way down by Louetta at Eldridge. I have been attending Harvest Bible Church since January and my family is looking at becoming members soon. We were at Copperfield Bible Church for a number of years(4 for my wife, 5 for me), but left that church at the end of last year due to disagreements over how some areas of ministry should be handled. I wish you well in your preparation for eldership.

  3. Robert,

    Many thanks for your reply. We live within a squirrel's jump :-) I am near Louetta about a mile east of Eldridge. A dear friend of mine was at Copperfield for a few years but left there when they went "seeker". My wife and I left HNW nearly 3 years ago after many years of contending for biblical church organization and oversight by the elders. Joyfully members at GfBC.

    The Lord is faithful, even when we are not. 'Tis a good thing, as we fail. Lots of study for me, with some opportunities to teach and preach as part of the preparation and testing.

    May the Lord bless you and yours, for the glory of His name.

  4. I must admit, I never thought of this!

    So, here is my question that I mentioned wanting to ask you over on DefCon....

    What would be your biblical advice concerning this: Over the past years, I have been seeking diligently. I read my Bible daily and spend time in prayer. I have learned much through JC Ryle, Voddie Baucham, Kim Riddlebarger, Francis Schaeffer and postings at defcon, as well.

    I am *very* far from perfect, but I also know my heart and that I am trying to live a life pleasing to the Lord. In this...I am finding myself getting frustrated with other Christians who don't appear to try, at all...I have talked to my husband and also my pastor...but when I do...I fear that I sound self-righteous and legalistic. But this is not my intent, at all.

    Faith without works is dead. We don't obtain our salvation through works...but they are the fruit of our conversion...right? So when people are saved...shouldn't there be a great turn-about in behavior? Should they realize that the clothes they wear are inappropriate (or the clothes they let their children wear)? Or that having children *raise their hands* and ask Jesus into their hearts isn't biblical? There is so much...I understand people are growing and maturing in their faiths...but truly, most of the time, it seems that I can't tell the Christians from the World.

    Is it right to feel frustrated with this? I find it almost making me bitter and I just can't be that. I desire joy and a loving spirit...but how do you love and "turn a blind eye"? I would love your thoughts on this....and honestly, any of the authors from DefCon...I just didn't know where and how to ask.

    ((To be honest, I have an easier time accepting the behaviors of non-Christians because they don't know the Truth.))

    My pastor says I can't try to *be* the Holy Spirit...and I totally understand that...but isn't everyone **too** complacent about it all??

  5. My pastor is a Godly man...but some scriptures he and I just don't agree on...for example...he marries Christians to non-Christians. That seems biblically wrong to me.

    I have been reading Ekklesia by Steve Atkerson and love the thought of embracing the ways of the New Testament church...or even being able to attend a Family-Integrated Church. But my husband says he is growing in our church and of course, I won't nag or go against him. :) I just don't know what to do...I find myself almost angry with people (Christians...people from our church that I am friends with and love) for not seemingly being *set apart*...but yet...who am *I* to judge?? I am no one. I feel as though I am talking in circles and I apologize for that...I would just love some wisdom from you or someone who could give me biblical insight to this matter. Thank you!

  6. Katy,

    You are in a difficult place. You are absolutely correct that a new creature in Christ WILL be changed. We cannot have a punch-card that they must comply with - no matter what those who wrongly believe that speaking in tongues is the proof of salvation. But there will be a growing hatred of sin and thirst for Truth. This happened to me when I was 38 - 30 years after I was told I was saved. No fruit - no new life.

    The difficult part is partially because you are a woman and the Bible is clear that your husband is the head of the house. You are right not to nag him, but you can/should be able to talk with him about your concerns. It took me several years of frustrating talks with the "pastors" of my previous church, with my wife not too interested in the issues, before we left a big-box SBC dispensatonal charitable club calling itself a church.

    Your pastor is flat out WRONG to wed Christians to pagans. This is a key symptom that he is off the rails - if he ignores the clear teaching (from Genesis onward) about God's people marrying pagans, what else will he ignore? This is not healthy for the sheep in that church.

    Since I was saved in 1994, I have consistently confronted professing Christians with the Bible when they were in obvious rebellion. This wee commanded to do, with humility and guarding ourselves. Your role should be with women, as mine is with men - unless my wife is with me.

    As far as "house churches" - be careful. No doubt, early Christians met in houses; the venue is not the problem. Much of the house church movement is a campaign against church leadership. A biblical church has elders - two or more. Home church folk like to point to the wrong-headed examples of CEO-led churches and then head for the ditch on the other side and embrace NO elders.

    Read 1 Peter chapter 3, pray to be a wife who honors the Lord in all ways in your marriage. Pray for your husband, that God would grow him and give him wisdom. And grow not weary in well doing for in due season ye shall reap, if ye faint not.

  7. Thank you for your reply Manfred. I appreciate it. I will (and have been) pray about this...often. It's just difficult because I do believe my pastor is a Godly man..he is very biblically oriented and such. He is wise and much more knowledgeable in his Bible than I am. He sees the scripture that the wife can win the husband to the Lord through her behavior (I believe from 1 Peter). So that is he does some counseling beforehand with them.

    I just don't understand why that would be okay...I see the scripture to mean that if SHE becomes a Christian during the marriage...then she should not divorce him but act *as* a Godly woman and may then win him to the faith.

    I have talked to my husband but he is still growing in his faith as well and thinks I get too worked up about things. he is a good man and I will just keep praying and talking to my husband.
    Thank you for taking the time to give me your thoughts on this!

  8. Katy, One final thought - That passage in 1 Peter 3:1-2 is not a recipe for saving pagan men. It is comfort for Christian women who erred. Your pastor is presuming on God's grace in counseling women to marry pagan men. That is a sin and he should repent.

    May the Lord be your refuge in all things. Seems you are on the right track with him and your husband :-)

  9. And, I must for your saying "grow not weary in well doing"....I feel as if I am not doing well...because I feel like people think I am pharisitical.
    I live in frustration right now...feeling stuck because obviously *not one* of us is perfect...but I just feel as though there has to be a true *church* somewhere....?

  10. I'm not on the right track though because my pastor seems to think that Sunday School, VBS programs and children's classes are good...and when I voice opposition, it makes me look like the fool. We have attended our church for 8 years (I turn 30 this month) it's a good chunk of my life...and all of my saved life. I feel truly sick about it all.

  11. Perhaps one of these sites can help you find a solid church nearby:

  12. Regarding all those programs your pastor likes - no surprise. When a man disregards one clear teaching of Scripture, he will be comfortable using man's imagination to supplement it when he thinks the Bible is not sufficient. This is the root of apostasy.

    On the flip side, if the Lord tarries, you should have many more years. I wasn't saved until I was 34 :-)

  13. We are in a small town...and I am not sure my husband will want to go anywhere else...but I will continue to pray and see!
    Thank you for your help. :)

  14. Truthfully pastor does think there is biblical worth to all that he does. He is really into the Word. He thinks all those things are OK because they are in addition to discipling children at home.

  15. I understand. The pastors at my previous church could not understand why I thought there was worldliness in the church - with all the seeker sensitive programs, etc. Self deception is easy - one must be humble and open to correction. Being biblical in one area does not guarantee being biblical in another - but one can look at the good area and think everything is good. No man, no church is perfect - but our pastors and our churches must be continually seeking a closer walk with the Lord. Reformed and reforming for the Glory of God!

  16. Oh..and I just remembered something my pastor told me...that I need to "see through eyes of grace"...I do try, really. I guess I am still learning and growing too!

    Ok...sorry...just had to say that! :)